Dual AC radio remote control switch circuit diagram


Posted on Mar 28, 2007    12026

As shown in FIG AC is a dual radio remote control switch circuit. Transmitter: Q3 generates a high frequency carrier signal. Q1, Q2 composition oscillator circuit. When you pre

Dual AC radio remote control switch circuit diagram - schematic

ss SW1, the oscillation frequency of 5kHz, press SW2, the oscillation frequency is 3.7kHz. When the start-up circuit, LED as work instructions. Receiving circuit: Q4 and peripheral components receiving circuit, two demodulated audio signals, in pre-release Q5, and then into IC1, IC2 of 3 feet. IC1 demodulation frequency 5kHz, the corresponding transmitter SW1, IC2 correspond SW2.SW1 when pressed, IC1 8-pin switch sends a pulse when SW2 is pressed, IC2 pin 8 also sends switch pulses. Two pulses are fed STA401A. STA401A and peripheral components of two separate bistable circuit. IC1 fed pulse to 4 feet STA401A goes low, TLP3503 (optical coupling circuit) input of a current flowing through the load electrical work. STA401A another way to control relay. Press the appropriate button, STA401A corresponding circuit reset.

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