Lamp remote control circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

220V AC voltage through a capacitor C] buck, rectifier bridge pile UR were barrier-wave rectifier, filter capacitor Cz, after the Zener diode voltage into DC voltage. Photoresi

Lamp remote control circuit
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stor RG little resistance during the day to charge the capacitor C3 pulse signal is too small to trigger the thyristor, EL lamp circuit fails, the lamp F: I does not shine; when night fell, the photoresistor dark resistance is large, the capacitor C3 charge pulse signal is large, can trigger thyristor valve gate, the thyristor is turned on, when the relay coil is energized, the lamp EL string loop relay normally open contact connected, the lamp EI, lit.. Adjustment potentiometer RP can adjust the size of the trigger signal to the gate, and adjusts the thyristor conduction angle, thereby controlling the lamp brightness.

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