RF 433MHz - 3 channels remote control

Posted on Apr 22, 2012

The schematic is very simple and includes, in addition to Nutchip, with its three driving transistor and LED, the radio receiver. The data come from the OUT pin of the receiver and enter the pin REMOTE remote control. The RESET pin connected to an external RC delay. If you need to mount the telecomandodove is required uninterrupted service 24 hours on 24 or in electrically polluted environments sar? then best to use a special built for RESET. Notice that the unused input pins are connected to the positive: a good habit that makes life difficult for disorders. Even the capacitors C2 and C3 are used to `clean up` the voltage from any radio interference that slip into the receiver must be mounted as close as possible to the terminals of receiver, with wires short to ground.

RF 433MHz - 3 channels remote control
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The entire circuit is powered at 5 volts, including. Since the 12 volt are still readily available you might want to mount them in place of 5 volts, in which case no problem, detach the terminal baster? rel? that goes to the +5 volts to link them to a power supply that also provides the 12 volts. You must first determine which buttons are used to turn on the outputs and what to turn off. We decided that the keys are assigned the following functions: key1: turn on output 1 key2: turn on output 2 key3: Turns out the 3 Key4: Exit 1 off key5: Highway exit off the 2 KEY6: Exit 3 off The table of the states of this remote control has eight states: virtually any combination of outputs corresponds to a state. For each state there are only three possible conditions: imagine you are in such state ST03. Reading the corresponding outputs in this state on the table, we find that the first and second exit will be on, the third meter energized. Under these conditions we can: Key4 press to turn off the first exit key5 press to turn off the second exit key3 press to turn the third exit.

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