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Remote Control Circuits

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This TV remote jammer circuit helps to jam the remote signals so that you can watch your own program without anyone changing the channel or volume.

Tweet. Have you ever tried to design a robot which can capture audio and video information from the surroundings and can be sent to the remote area? This article explains you how design a spy robot...

This FM Remote Encoder and Decoder circuit includes two sections - transmitter section and receiver section and is used in many remote control applications.

As I was developing my IR Extender Circuit, I needed to find a way of measuring the relative intensities of different Infra red light sources. This circuit is the result of my research. I have used...

Here is the 5 Channel IR Remote Control System circuit diagram, working and applications. This circuit can be used to drive number of loads like lamps.

Most of the buttons on a remote control are never used. So why not use them to control appliances and other electronics around your house. In this...

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IR Remote control circuit diagram