Real-time speech recognition system application circuit in family care robot

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit diagram in the research and design features, are applied on the mobile robot. Therefore the study design systems to take into account small size, low power, easy to mov

Real-time speech recognition system application circuit in family care robot
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

e character, and home users need to have to facilitate the operation of the display-friendly interface. For the part of speech recognition, the need to use a processor for processing speech recognition algorithm, the voice collecting circuit and voice output circuit. Wherein the processor of the speech recognition algorithm is responsible for operation of the arithmetic operation processing as the brain of the robot; voice acquisition circuit is responsible for collecting the external sound signal, corresponding ears of the robot; is responsible for the sound output voice output circuit words, the robot is equivalent to the mouth. The schematic design is used in mobile robots, requiring voice input, voice recognition processing and output. For voice input acquisition, as used herein, a sound sensor, microphone and peripheral circuits. For voice output section, the use of a power amplifier used in conjunction speaker. Shown in the schematic design of the part of speech.

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