Chizuru 100Hz channel frequency pulse charging electric bike battery circuit

Chizuru 100Hz channel frequency pulse charging electric bike battery circuit Shown as Chizuru 1.00 I-Lz letter frequency pulse electric bicycle battery charging circuit. Freque

ncy transformer Tl is a step-down transformer, D5 ~ D8 form a bridge rectifier, the output ripple current through Dl, R9, DW2 control circuitry. Way thyristor SCR1 is charging switch, which is turned on to charge the battery, since the power supply is shaped bread ioo Hz AaC move DC, zero crossing turn-off, so the charger 100 FIz pulse charger, the charging current waveform shown in Figure 2-77. Charging switch is controlled by DW3, VT1, VT2, each cycle in bread shaped IOOH pulsating DC, v + potential rises to when DW3 reverse breakdown, v + through D4, R20, R21, DW3 make VT2 conduction, thereby enabling rri conduction, v + ~ vri, D2 make SCR1 is turned on when the battery voltage is higher than the potential v +, v + on the battery charge. However, if R20 and R2J dividing point grounding, v + another high potential, DW3, VI2, VI2, SCR1 is not turned on. Protection circuit and charging stop is the use of the R20 and R21 dividing point potential to achieve low off the charge output. Battery voltage is detected by the pressure limiting UIA, Rl, Wl, R2 composition, when the battery voltage rises to 43.5V when, UIA flip, its feet on the ground conduction through R17 to R20 and R21 dividing point potential to achieve low close charging output. Charge current limit is detected by the UIC, R12, R13 composition roar when the charging current exceeds the limit value, the current sampling resistor Rll left to reduce the potential to make UIC flip its feet on the ground! Conduction, the same will be R20 and R21 stars realize the potential of low pressure point off the charge output. Charging state detected by the UIB, R10, R13 composition, the charge current exceeds a predetermined value, the current sampling resistor Rl1 potential drop left lower column UIB flip it O feet into high potential, prompting the charging status display driver UID flip it! pin potential becomes high, the charge lamp LED2 is off. O feet in potential UIB becomes high, also increased the UIA reference voltage, which increases the battery voltage limiter threshold voltage value, the charging pulse current is shaped punch left narrowed, even if the charging current drops.

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