Ideal Car Battery Charger

Posted on Mar 17, 2013

The usual chargers of battery automotive, are simple and cheap appliances that charge continuously the battery, with a rythm of few amperes, for the time where the appliance is ON. If the holder do not close in time the charger, the battery will overcharge and her electrolytic faculty are lost with evaporation or likely exists destruction of her elements. The charger of circuit exceeds these faults. It checks electronic the situation of charge of battery and it has circuit of control with retroaction, that forces the battery charge with biggest rythm until charge completely. When charge completely, it turns on one RED led (LD2).

Ideal Car Battery Charger
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The charger has been drawn in order to charge batteries of 12V, ONLY. What should watch it from what it manufactures the circuit, they are the cables that connect the transformer with the circuit and in the continuity the battery, should they are big cross-section, so that heat when it passes from in them the current of charge and also they do not cause fall of voltage at the way of current through them. Adjustment When it finishes the manufacture you turn TR1 in the place of null price and you make the below regulations - controls. 1 ] You check without you have connected the battery, that also the two LED's turn on. 2 ] You connect a battery automotive in the charger. Check that the LD2 is off and that a current (normally 2 until 4 A), flows to the battery. 3 ] You turn the TR1 and you check that the LD2 can turn on, also the current of charge be cut 4 ] Turn the TR1 in the null price and charge the battery using the regular technique of hydrometer (if it does not exist, then you completely use a battery in good situation and charge). Turn carefully the TR1 so the LD2 begins to turn on also the current of charge to fall in few hundreds mA. If the TR1 is placed rightly then in next charges, you will see the LD2 it will begin first to flicker, as charge the battery. When charge completely the battery then the LD2 turns on completely. The TR1 does not need anymore other regulation. The Q1 is connected in line with the...

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