Booster Amplifier For Car Stereo Use Circuit

Posted on Dec 24, 2012    10309

Only one channel of this circuit is shown. The other is practically a carbon copy.The input to the circuit, taken from your car radio`s speaker output, is divided along two paths; in one path, a high-power divider network (consisting of R8 through R10) provides 4.5- resistance to make the circuit`s input impedance compatible with the output impedance of the car radio. In the other path, the signal is fed to the input of Ul through resistor LR7, trimmer potentiometer R21, and capacitor C2. Together, R7 and R21 offer a minimum resistance of 27,000 .Integrated circuit Ul (a TDA-2004 audio power amplifier) amplifies the signal,

Booster Amplifier For Car Stereo Use Circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

which is then output at pins 8 and 10 and fed to the loudspeaker. Note: This amp is designed for use only with car radios whose speaker outputs are referenced to ground: do not use it with radios that have balanced outputs.

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