01 buick lesabre

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

In this diagram, look to see if you have battery voltage at these points. You don`t have to check every point, just enough of them to confirm that all points have power. Let me know and I`ll bring you to the next level after you report back. Ok Dave, fuses 22 and 23 are blown,replace those, they are not your main problem, but blown so let`s fix them. Go to the STARTER 1

01 buick lesabre
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Relay and look at my diagram. Let me know what you find there. You want 12 volts at the areas I marked in red. Look to see if the computer is grounding the relay as indicated in my diagram. It is one side of the magnet of the relay, See if you have a diagram and check both for the magnet. It is usually 85 or 86 if labeled as so, It should show power with the relay in or out. i need to understand the relay. on the side is the schematic, when you turn it over the numbers are upside down 87, 85, 86 and 30. left to right top to bottom. i think 30 should have power all the time, but when the relay came out it was 87. maybe nothing. I turned the relay around were 30 had positive power but still no cranking. Ok, 30 is the power in from the circuit breaker. 85 and 86 are the two sides of the magnet that when energizes causes the relay to close the circuit. One side of the magnet is 85 or 86 and gets power from the PCM fuse. The other side of the magnet, either 85 or 86 is the ground from the PCM that when grounded closes the relay. When that relay closes the power from 30 flows out on 87 which is the purple to the starter. Recheck your PCM fuse and and replace it with a known good fuse. If that fuse is dead, you will get no power to the starter solenoid as well as no activity in the PCM, such as what you are experiencing. Either the fuse is faulty or the connection to the fuse if faulty or the link between the fuse and the rest of...

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