1.3W RF Amplifier Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of 20W power amplifier which build based tube component EL34. EL34 is very famous tube and great for power tube amplifier. The circuit above is complete circuit contains tube amplifier circuit diagram and power supply circuit diagram. To make the stereo channel amplifier, build the similar amplifier cir

1.3W RF Amplifier Circuit
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cuit. The following diagram is 16W audio amplifier circuit. The circuit built based 2 pieces of power IC LM383 in bridge connection, so this amplifier is an bridge amplifier. This is an old amplifier, LM383 is discontinued, so this LM383 might be difficult to find. You can use ECG1232, TDA2002 or TDA2003 as the replace for. This is a very high 1500W power amplifier circuit diagram by Rod Elliott. The circuit is built using 10 pairs of power transistor MJ15024 and MJ15025 (or MJ21193/MJ21194), then it will use 20 pieces of power transistor for final amplification. With very high power audio output, then of course it will need power supply with. This 400W power amplifier circuit often called as "safari" amplifier. The 400W power amplifier built using two couples of power transistors that are TIP31 with TIP32 and 2N3055 with MJ2955. These transistors are well known and widely used for the amplifier circuit and power supply circuit. Take a note that you must use aluminium heatsink. Above circuit design is thermocouple amplifier circuit using CA3193 operating amplifier. The CA3193 is an excellent choice for use with thermocouples. In the circuit, the CA3193 amplifies the generated signal 500 times. The three 22M © resistors will provide full-scale output if the thermocouple opens. The CA3193 are ultra-stable, precision instrumentation, operational amplifiers that employ. This is a logarithmic amplifier circuit based on National...

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