100 V output with shunt regulationl

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This power supply based 7805 IC regulator, it can provides a regulated output voltage of between 5 V to 15 VDC, it is adjusted and set by a preset resistor. Maximum output current range of this power supply is 350 mA, its enough to supply powered calculator, radio, or cassete player. An integrated circuit regulates the output voltage and although

100 V output with shunt regulationl
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this 7805 IC is generally applied to a fixed-voltage of 5 Vdc supply it is for a variable output voltage. (View) This is precision high voltage regulator circuit diagram based 3 terminal adjustable regulator LM317L IC. The circuit require input voltage Vin ‰¥ 178V and can provide output voltage ( V out) between 8 V to 160 V @ 25 mA current output. (View) This split power supply circuit uses the of the popular LM380 audio power amplifier chip. The device is internally biased so that without having any input the output is held midway between the supply rails. R1, that will be initially set to mid-travel, is used to nullify any inbalance in the output. Regulation of Vout depends upon the circuit feeding the LM380, but negative and positive outputs will track accurately irrespective of input regulation and unbalanced loads. The free air dissipation slightly more than 1 watt, and so will require extra cooling. The device is fully protected and will shut-down if its rated dissipation is exceeded. Current limiting occurs when the output current is higher than 1. 3 A. The split power supply input voltage should never exceed 20 V. (View) This Fast response power supply protection circuit is used to protect regulated power supply from the risks of undervoltage and overvoltage condition. When working with a regulated power supply to reduce a supply voltage, there`s always the risk that component failure in the power supply may cause a...

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