1000va UpsCircuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The required output at the inverter is 220/230V @60Hz. Basically, let me say i need an inverted circuit diagram with an output power of 1000VA. While the first circuit is a simple form of the commercial UPS, the circuit provides a constant regulated 5 Volt output and an unregulated 12 Volt supply. In the event of electrical supply line failure the battery takes over, with no spikes on the regulated supply. That first circuit

1000va UpsCircuit
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can be adapted for other regulated and unregulated voltages by using different regulators and batteries. For a 15 Volt regulated supply use two 12 Volt batteries in series and a 7815 regulator. There is a lot of flexibility in the circuit. TR1 has a primary matched to the local electrical supply which is 240 Volts in Nigeria. The secondary winding should be rated at least 12 Volts at 2 amp, but can be higher, for example 15 Volts. FS1 is a slow blow type and protects against short circuits on the output, or indeed a faulty cell in a rechargeable battery. LED 1 will light ONLY when the electricity supply is present, with a power failure the LED will go out and output voltage is maintained by the battery. The second circuit simulates a working circuit with mains power applied. Actually i can design a UPS circuit on my own, which will take me a while and i don`t have that time now. that`s why i just want a ready-made one from anyone. so i need an inverter circuit that can power such a transformer. Again i want to believe that a zener diode circuit must exit at the transformer output to limit/regulate the amount of current drawn by the load. WOW! I`ve really succeed in building my own 1000VA ups from scratch. Being a student of Elect/Elect i resulted in learning the basics of inverter and bang! successfully designed and constructed my own fully functional UPS. Thanks to the book: Art of Electronic. The student manual was...

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