10W Audio Amplifier with Bass-boost

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This design is based on the 18 Watt Audio Amplifier, and was developed mainly to satisfy the requests of correspondents unable to locate the TLE2141C chip. It uses the widespread NE5532 Dual IC but, obviously, its power output will be comprised in the 9. 5 - 11. 5W range, as the supply rails cannot exceed G‚ ±18V. As amplifiers of this kind are freq

10W Audio Amplifier with Bass-boost
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

uently used to drive small loudspeaker cabinets, the bass frequency range is rather sacrificed. Therefore a bass-boost control was inserted in the feedback loop of the amplifier, in order to overcome this problem without quality losses. The bass lift curve can reach a maximum of +16. 4dB @ 50Hz. In any case, even when the bass control is rotated fully counterclockwise, the amplifier frequency response shows a gentle raising curve: +0. 8dB @ 400Hz, +4. 7dB @ 100Hz and +6dB @ 50Hz (referred to 1KHz). A correct grounding is very important to eliminate hum and ground loops. Connect in the same point the ground sides of J1, P1, C2, C3 &C4. Connect C9 at the output ground.

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