12 V High current regulator

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This voltage regulator circuit can deliver up to 3A at 12V output voltage. The circuit can be employed on occasions when a current of more that 3A is demanded for regulator. IC regulators of such high current rating are pretty hard to find. The transformer T1 steps down mains voltage, to 12rms & the rectifier bridge D1 rectifies it to produce a DC

12 V High current regulator
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voltage. The C1 filters the rectifier output and produces a DC level. The series pass transistor Q1 (2N 3055) is biased by resistor R1 (680 ©). Since zener diode D1 is under breakdown region the voltage across it will be 12V. So the total output voltage will be steady 11. 3 V(theoretically). That is the zener voltage minus base emitter voltage of Q1. Here transistor Q1 will conduct the excess current required.

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