12F675 based Brushed Motor ESC

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This project documents how to build and construct your own Brushed Motor ESC for Cars and Boats using a Microchip 12F675 PIC and a small number of standard components. This ESC grew out of an earlier aircraft ESC. A number of people asked for an ESC with brake and reverse operations that were suited to Car and Boat operations. While the earlier de

12F675 based Brushed Motor ESC
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sign provided basic reverse facilities I decided not to extend the aircraft design, but rather to revise the design and produce a project targeted specifically at cars and boats. This ESC operates in a very similar manner to the Team Tekin "Rebel 2" ESC and offers all of the key features of the earlier aircraft ESC as well as push-button programming. This ESC has a push button and LED that permit the ESC to be configured. The configuration is stored in the EEPROM on the PIC and will stay set until reconfigured. On power up the ESC will not arm until the throttle is in the neutral position. It is possible to perform throttle configuration during this time using the configuration system (see below). The ESC also requires the throttle to be in the neutral position to rearm the ESC after: It is almost certain that you will need to perform throttle configuration the first time that you use the ESC. This is because it is very unlikely that the factory default options in the ESC will match your radio control unit. To set the brake to reverse delay period press the `program` switch and keep it pressed for the delay period required and the release the button. When the button is first pressed the LED will start to flash on and off rapidly. The maximum delay time that can be configured is approximately 5 seconds, after 5 seconds the LED will show a short on flash and a long off flash. If the button is released during this time the...

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