12KV High Voltage Generator

The 12KV High Voltage Generator beneath uses an abnormal adjustment to accomplish about 12, 000 volts with about 5uA of current. Two SCRs anatomy two beating architect circuits. The two SCRs acquittal a 0. 047uF a 400v capacitor through a xenon lamp activate braid at 120 times a second. The aerial voltage pulses produced at the accessory of the acti

vate braid are rectified application two 6KV damper diodes. The voltage doubler ambit at the accessory of the activate braid accuse up two aerial voltage disc capacitors up to about 12KV. Although this ambit can`t aftermath a lot of accepted be actual accurate with it. A 12KV atom can jump about 0. 75 of an inch so the cyberbanking ambit needs to be anxiously active with lots of amplitude amid components.

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