12v Battery Charger Circuit with Auto Cut off

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is a simple DIY charge controller schematic posted in response to a request by one of our readerson our facebook page. The main component of this auto battery charger circuit is a 555 timer which compares the voltage in the battery. It turns ON the charger if the battery voltage is below the variable preset voltage (12 volt chosen here) and

12v Battery Charger Circuit with Auto Cut off
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

turns OFF the charger if the voltage reaches 13. 8 volt. The battery charging voltage of the charger can be varied by adjusting the variable resistor. To understand the working of this12 volt battery charge controllercircuit you must have an idea of the internal diagram of 555. You can refer the pin out section at the bottom. You must also check charge controller using LM324 IC where you can find video demonstration too. If the battery voltage is greater than 13. 8V, comparator output goes high and flip flop will be set. This turns OFF the transistor and the relay. For understanding relay working see How to connect relay: Relays working with animation If the battery voltage is below the preset voltage (set by us), lower comparator will reset the flip flop. This turns ON the transistor and the relay will switch to charge the battery.

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