1490 Digital Compass

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The first test circuit (see figure 5) is about the simplest circuit that can be designed around the device. The sensor is drawn in the schematic as if you are looking through the top of the sensor to the 12 leads below. The circuit uses four LED`s for display. Each cardinal position on the compass lights one LED. The intermediate directions light

1490 Digital Compass
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

two LED`s as shown in figure 6. Notice that all the number 2 ground leads are tied together. As are the number 1 leads connected to +5 volts Vcc. The sensor will operate supply voltages from 5 to 18 volts. I used a 7805 to regulate the 9V battery to a constant 5 volts. The LED`s used in the circuit are red micro-miniature type that operate using little current. The 1K resistors limit the current flowing through the LED`s to about 5 mA. The sensor is dampened to approximate the speed of a liquid filled compass. The dampening prevents over swinging the direction. In addition the built in hysteresis prevents flutter when near a switching direction. The 1490 device is sensitive to tilt. Any tilt greater than 12 degrees will create directional errors. Figure 6, shows the minimum components of figure 5 mounted and soldered to the pc board, figure 7. Q1 is a 7805-voltage regulator. R1 through R4 are 1/8 watt 1K resistors. Four sub-miniature LED`s are soldered into the B0 through B4 positions, with the positive lead of the LED orientated on the right side with the board as shown in figure 4. Capacitors C3 and C4 are 22 uF capacitors. 9V battery cap is wired into the Vin positions, and finally a switch is wired on to the pcb in the lower left hand corner. When I first assembled this circuit onto the board it did not function properly. The compass did not respond, as it should. I tracked the problem to the switch that is in close...

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