1936 Hoyland Machine

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A second piece of information also came to light recently. I was aware of a story about an original Rife machine schematic which had something to do with Dr O. C. Gruner of Canada who worked with Rife throughout the 1930`s on isolating a fungal form of Rife`s cancer microbe `BX`. This latter form was given the name `Cryptomyces Pleomorphia`. Dr Mil

1936 Hoyland Machine
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bank Johnson was anxious to find an MOR for this form of cancer as he believed that much better results in cancer cases could be achieved if they could kill Cryptomyces with the Rife Ray. Johnson hassled Rife constantly for 2 or 3 years to find the MOR of Cryptomyces, however no record exists to show if Rife ever did find it, and the apparent difficulty he was having, as evidenced in various letters by Dr Johnson seems to indicate that he never did find it. Milbank Johnson ran several clinics in and around Los Angeles in the late 1930`s, giving treatments with the Rife Ray. At first he used the original Rife Ray No 4 machine, but later he used another machine, details of which were not apparent from his letters. It appears it was a prototype machine of some description from around 1936 and built by Phillip Hoyland. Eventually, in an attempt to find the MOR of Cryptomyces, Johnson apparently shipped this machine to Dr O. C. Gruner in Canada, so Gruner himself could try to find the MOR. There is no clear record of what happened after this. I am aware of an anecdote that says that Gruner got scared of offending the Canadian medical establishment and never actually used the machine. It was said that he eventually gave the machine to a friend of his, a priest, who cannibalised the machine for his ham radio hobby. However, there was also a story that somehow Gruner had produced a schematic of this machine and had sent it to John...

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