1958 Buick Electric Wiper Conversion

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Converting my 1958 Buick over to electric wipers with delay and automatic `wipe on wash` functionality, and in the process I`m trying to figure out how to integrate the new electricals with the entirely non-electric original wiper controls so the driver experience is relatively unchanged. If you haven`t already, you should read my Delay Wipers page about delay wiper conversions in general to get a background for this page - this started

1958 Buick Electric Wiper Conversion
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as a small example section on that page and has grown into this page over time as I have done more work and encountered more issues that needed to be dealt with. The conversion is not yet complete (I`m still in the planning stages on some of it and in the process of doing other things), so this page will be updated with pictures and details as I get them. The major problem I faced is that the car was originally equipped with vacuum powered wipers. They are notoriously unreliable and fussy, so the first step up was to find way to convert them to electric wipers. Basically, I saw an ad for "bolt in vacuum to electric wiper conversions with a delay option" in a "hot rod" magazine, and I called New Port Engineering to talk to them about it. I compared the details they sent me with the factory manuals and the factory wiper switch assembly to figure out the possible plans of action. The kit converts the wiper motor itself from vacuum to electric and is supposed to be a "bolt in" conversion for the motor. Once I get the motor mounted and proven to be working, I should be in good shape - the motor and wiper transmission engagement is the biggest functional piece that I cannot readily engineer myself. With the motor in place, I will have a reliable electric wiper setup and will have reduced the problem to switches, electronic controls, and wiring - stuff that I can do myself. Removal of the old vacuum wiper motor went smoothly,...

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