1971 lincoln continental: post connectors fuse box good cant find

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A 1971 lincoln continental 4dr, i am getting no power inside the car mainly ignition switch, i checked battery cables, post connectors, and fusible link by battery all check out good. all fuses in fuse box good. not sure about the circuit breakers though i dont think they feed the ignition switch but cant find wiring diagrams. Well at firstblush no wiring diagram out of 3 major data bases :-( I will still see if I can find it

1971 lincoln continental: post connectors fuse box good cant find
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somewhere. I did find this note (I am not sure it applys to the problem) but worth looking at: PS- 1965 is as close as I have come to a wiring diagram so far. That may work because they did not change them much back then. I will send if you want the 1965 diagram You might want to try this link. They had a donor that gave stacks of data on the lincolons (including yours. You have to join to get the data. You might want to check it out: Basically i turn the key and nothing happens no lights turn on nothing almost as if the battery died. even stuff thats supposed to work with key off like power seat doesnt work no dome lights nothing. The problem started when i was taking apart the ash tray to find out what was wrong wit the cig. Lighter. Come to find out the cig. Lighter was never wired up and the wires were just hannging. so i preceded to install the new one but then tried to turn the key to on pos to see which wire had power (didnt have any wires connected only unplugged 2 of the lights that are in the ash tray) Sounds like the Main supply conductor has corroded and opened up. You really need a wiring schematic to figure this one out. These are the one a guy like me just do (from the seat of our pants) so to speak with a volt/ohm meter a test light and a lot of patience. I could see if I can find you a manual if you want There is a OPEN MAIN supply circuit somewhere in the vehicle. While I realize that there could be some...

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