1995 camaro: just swapped the engine/ trans with cradle wheel well

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

1995 camaro, just swapped the engine/ trans with cradle from a 1994. I didn`t take off any plugs from the engine and kept the computer mouted on pass. wheel well with the engine. swapped the v. a. t. s box and steering column. turns over and get spark, but no fuel. put power to the fuel pump and get 45 psi at the rail, still wont fire. have 12v at in

1995 camaro: just swapped the engine/ trans with cradle wheel well
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jector fuse in the under hood fuse box. I did remove a aftermarket car alarm. all the wires in the car wiring harness were spliced into and not cut, except for one thick yellow one from the column, which is now reconnected. I have not yet checked the voltage at the fuel injectors, life has been busy. I have heard the injector plugs are under the intake runners and not very accessible. When I do test for voltage, how much is within tolorance The voltage should be battery voltage (12-13 volts). Any codes that are set could be important, the thing you need to look at is the DATA. A code reader will not give you this. Can I put 12v to the fuel pump and injectors to get this on the road I found the power wire to the fuel pump, where would I find the wire to power the injectors (and parking/ dash lights) You must have 12 volts at the fuel injectors for the computer to operate the fuel delivery system. You can put 12 volts to bypass the faulty circuit, but be sure it is has a fuse in the circuit in case one of the injectors or circuits is shorted. I looked around last night and couldn`t figure out which wire I should put power to for the injectors. I know the injector harness goes to the computer on the passenger wheelwell but have no idea the color codes for the wires. The power wire for the injectors does not go to the computer. The power is switch voltage circuit. (on with ignition switch). The injector wire that goes to the...

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