1999 Buick Regal

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

1999 Buick Regal. Instrument panel lights have failed. Examined fuses related and even those not related to lighting and have found no bad fuses. Is there a CB behind the headlight/interior light switch that can be reset. What I would do first is turn on the parking lights and check some of the other lights listed in the schematic (heater controls

1999 Buick Regal
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, ashtray lamp, etc. ) to see if they light up and can be dimmed from the control. This will tell us if we are at least getting power through the dimmer control switch. If you do not see these lights on, then use your test light or meter to check the Panel Dimming fuse for power at both side of the fuse. OK! This is my daughters car and she said that the warning lights are working. She cannot see the speedometer, fuel gauge etc. at night. The gauges are working just unable to see them at night due to lack of sufficient lighting. Do you have the car around now and can you do that testing It still might be a little early in the day to see if the other lights (like the ashtray) are working. The car is here. I checked the Panel Dimming fuse with the ohm meter and found it to good. I also checked the overhead light to make sure it is working and it is. I think I just found the problem. The tail lamp/lic lamp 15A fuse is blown. There must be a short in the tail lamp assembly. Would you agree. Looking at the schematic the power for the panel dimming comes through that circuit. I did replace the fuse. It blew when I tried the lights. So there must be short. I will try to find the short. I am suspecting the short to be in the trunk area. The trunk opener is broken and I will have get the trunk open and repair that plastic part as well. Thanks. I`m back again as well. I am in the trunk area. I have loosened the light assembly across...

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