1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gauges shutoff

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

While driving car the gauges goes off and the car stall immediately. Car will not start until gauges come back on. While gauges are off the car starter will turn over the motor, but will not start. First time about 5-10 minutes before gauges are back on and then car starts immediately. Second time about 15-25 minutes before gauges are back on andthen car

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gauges shutoff
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will start. Third time 40-60 minutes before gauges are back on and then car will start. Usually stalls in bumper to bumper traffic, while turning or waiting at a light. Never stalls on highway at high speeds. More likely to stall on hotter days. Some days works fine never stalls. Once car stalls it will usually stall again in about 20-30 minutes but not always. I usually try to take car home immediately after first stall and park it. Car has been to about 7 repair shops including Jeep dealership and probably looked at by about 20 mechanics. Engine trouble light always on and trouble codes no help. Seat belt light on and key light on while gauges are off. Many parts replaced with no change. After several mechanics insisted it had to be the computer. I finally let them replaced it and yes. no change. same problem. Very. frustrated any alarm systems that may have been installed. even if removed. they are still in the circuit. sometimes just cut and taped in. no mechanical fasteners on the wires. undersized wires on the alarm relays. you might want to check all the electrical connections and even the thermostat. Sometimes you might have a connection that has some corrosion in it or wiring that is damaged when it gets hot the connections might seperate due to the corrosion. but it really sounds like an electrical issue. HELLO, I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY GCL 4. 7 USUALLY HAPPENS IN WARMER WEATHER, DID YOU FIND THE CURE. I...

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