1N5401 3.0 AMP Silicon Rectifier

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The schematic below shows how the +25V DC and -25V DC are obtained. In order to provide power supply for 2 stereo amplifiers, a power transformer rating of 80VA with 240V/36V centre tapped secondary winding is used. The secondary output of the transformer is rectified by using four 1N5401 diodes toge. The circuit in Fig. 56-11a lights the signal la

1N5401 3.0 AMP Silicon Rectifier
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

mp upon detecting a line current consumption of more than 5 mA, and handles currents of several amperes with appropriate diodes fitted in the Dl and D2 positions. Transistor T1 is switched on when the drop across D1/D2 exceeds a certain level. Diodes fr. By default, the regulator ID 78xx series will give maximum current output 1A – 1. 5A. To increase the current output of this regulator, you may consider this circuit. Parts list:R1, R2 = 4. 7 KC1, C2 = 4700 uF / 16VC3 = 47, 000 uF / 35VD1, D2, D3 = 1N5401 ( 3 Amp Diodes )D4 & D5 –.

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