2 x 22W-BTL Car Audio Amplifier DA1553CQ Schematic Diagram

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This is a 22 Watt car stereo audio amplifier. The circuit is based by a single IC TDA1553 with a few peripheral components, this IC hope against hope code name your stereo car audio classification. The IC TDA1553CQ contains 2G—22 W amplifiers with differential input stages and can exist used in favor of connection applications. The expansion of ap

2 x 22W-BTL Car Audio Amplifier DA1553CQ Schematic Diagram
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iece amplifier is fixed by the side of 26 dB. The device is primarily residential for car broadcasting applications. What time a diminutive-circuit to ground occurs, which forces a DC voltage across the loudspeaker of >= vs. , a built-in protection circuit becomes full of life and limits the DC voltage across the loudspeaker to <= vs. Pin 12 detects the status of the protection circuit (e. g. meant for diagnostic purposes). If slightly output is unfriendly-circuited to ground in the course of the side with mode, it becomes hopeless to switch the circuit to the mute otherwise operating condition. happening this event the supply current determination remain some degree of to a little milliamps. You are reading the Circuits of 2 x 22W-BTL Car Audio Amplifier DA1553CQ And this circuit permalink url it is

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