20W Car Audio Amplifier with LM1875

Welcome to the weblog where we discuss about electronic circuits schematics, PCB design, diy kits and electronic projects diagrams. This is just addition 20W audio amplifier circuit, but this time based on the LM1875 audio amplifier IC from National Semiconductors. With a 25V bifold ability accumulation LM1875 can bear 20W of audio ability into

a 4 ohm speaker. The LM1875 requires actual beneath external components and has actual low distortion. The IC is aswell arranged with a lot acceptable appearance like fast bulk rate, advanced accumulation voltage range, top achievement current, top achievement voltage swing, thermal aegis etc. The IC is accessible in TO-220 artificial ability amalgamation and is able-bodied acceptable for a array of applications like audio systems, servo amplifiers, home theatre systems etc.

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