3 voltmeter method of measuring choke

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The choke coil parameters we are going to measure in this 3-voltmeter method are - the inductance, resistance as all choke coils have inherent resistance in addition to their inductance. We also measure the quality factor and power absorbed by the given choke coil. A given choke coil is usually represented by a pure inductance (L) in series with e

3 voltmeter method of measuring choke
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quivalent resistance (r). This equivalent resistance takes into effect the iron losses in the core of the choke coil and the inherent resistance of the choke coil. 3-Voltmeter method and 3-Ammeter method are two of the best ways to measure these two parameters. Thus the equivalent resistance accounts for the copper loses in the choke coil and the iron loses in the iron core. Supply voltage `Vs` can be varied by means of the single phase variac. VR and VL are the voltmeter readings across the resistance and choke coil. The phasor diagram for the measurement of choke coil parameters by 3-voltmeter method is as shown below :

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