30 watt power fm transmitter with 2sc1946a circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The following circuits is one of the power amplifier circuit for FM transmitter with an output power of 30 watts. Power amplifier circuits for 30-watt FM transmitter, the transmitter uses power transistor type 2SC1946A. Power FM transmitter circuits uses a 13. 8 volt DC voltage source. Power supply for power amplifier circuit can be drawn from the

30 watt power fm transmitter with 2sc1946a circuits
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battery (accumulator) or from a power supply. Impedance output circuit 30 watt FM transmitter power is 50 Ohm, as well as the transmitter input impedance of 50 Ohm line. Complete circuits along with a list of components to make a 30 watt FM transmitter power can be seen in the figure below. Power circuits 30 watt FM transmitter as shown in the picture above has the path to the input impedance of 50 Ohm. This input path is the path to the input RF signal from an FM transmitter driver circuits is used prior to FM transmitter power is 30 watts. Driver circuits for an FM transmitter with 30 watts of transmitter power 2SC1946A transistors, the driver can use the FM transmitter with a transmitter power transistor 2sc1972 or 2sc1970. Trimer capacitors C5 and C12 in the circuit power FM transmitter to function as an adjustment on the impedance between the output driver circuit FM transmitter, the input circuits power FM transmitter above. Then trimer capacitors 11 and C13 serve for adjusting the impedance of circuits tansmitter power FM transmitter with an antenna that is used. In the above transmitter output power circuits equipped with a high pass filter be nested and aims to prevent leakage of the transmit power on the transmitter power circuits above. The process of setting trimer capacitors on the input line and output circuits 30 watt FM transmitter power above shall be conducted, so that all the power of the transmitter...

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