333 joule moc capacitor bank

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The idea behind a capacitor bank is to charge up as much energy as possible to short circuit that energy through small coils, aluminium paper, steel wool, wire and a lot of other things that can conduct a electric current. The short circuit current is enormous for a very short time and that big amount of energy can turn the conducting paths material into vapour.

333 joule moc capacitor bank
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Microwave oven capacitors capacity is relatively low for their voltage rating, but they are designed to be applied around 300% of their rated DC voltage for 60 seconds. Most are rated 2100VAC at about 0, 8 to 1 uF capacity. Microwave oven capacitors got a built in bleeder resistor which discharges the capacitor fast, which is why its important to discharge the bank as fast as possible when the wanted voltage is stored over the bank. On the other hand its a good safety feature that the bank will discharge itself within 30 seconds and that might save your life. The amount of microwave ovens needed to build this bank is over the edge, but as they can be obtained for free from containers its still worth the time for the sake of the experiments. Microwave oven capacitors are not build to sustain these hard short circuits, so they will take damage for each short circuit in the form of lowered capacity as the dielectric material in the capacitor is damaged, this might end fatal with a shorted capacitor that in the worst case will happen with a violent explosion. Take care to shield off the capacitors as they are housed in a metal can, fragments from these is not something you want flying around you if there is a failing capacitor. With the knowledge of the capacitors being designed to work with voltages 300% higher than their ratings for shorter periods of time, I have chosen to charge them to 6000 VDC as its convenient to build...

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