33v and 5v dual tracking regulator using lt3692 dc converter

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Using the LT3692 dual current mode PWM step-down DC DC converter circuit with two internal 3. 5A switches can be designed a very simple power supply circuit, that can be used for various electronic circuits applications like : distributed supply regulations or automotive circuits. LT3692 provide independent input voltage, shutdown, feedback, soft

33v and 5v dual tracking regulator using lt3692 dc converter
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-start, current limit and comparator pins for each channel. To optimize efficiency and component size, both converters have a programmable maximum current limit and are synchronized to either a common external clock input, or a resistor settable fixed 250kHz to 2. 25MHz internal oscillator. A frequency divider is provided for channel 1 to further optimize component size. At all frequencies, a 180 ° phase relationship between channels is maintained, reducing voltage ripple and component size. A clock output is available for synchronizing multiple regulators. This DC DC converter circuit presented in this schematic diagram, will provide two independent voltages :3. 3 volts and 5 volt. The maximum output current that can be provided by this DC DC converter electronic project is around 3A for each channel. As you can see in this schematic circuit, this project require few external electronic parts and needs to be powered from a 12 volt DC power supply. Some features of this DC DC converter electronic project are : independent synchronized switching frequencies, antiphase switching, flexible output voltage tracking, enhanced short-circuit protection, low dropout: 95% maximum duty cycle, low shutdown current: <10 A.

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