4-20mA simulation circuit for PLC

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

I am looking for a simple circuit to simulate sensor inputs to PLC. Sensors take 12VDC and outputs 4-20mA. I was looking at your XTR series devices which seems to be able to achieve this but I am not sure which one will be ok to use for 12VDC voltage. Also, it would be good to have the range of output from 0 to 24mA rather than 4-20mA so that we c

4-20mA simulation circuit for PLC
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an test the PLC input for error inputs as well. In particular, the XTR117 could be of interest for you, it includes its own linear regulator, and the input current could be generated using the Regulated 5V output in series with a potentiomenter to control the current output value. Thanks for the help Albert! You`re correct that the XTR117 is likely the best candidate for this type of simple circuit to simulate a 2-wire current loop transmitter. I have seen couple of answers given previously with circuit diagram and components to suit the requirement. Is it possible to get a schematic and calculations If not I have a circuit calculation for XTR116 which was previously posted so I can work with it. Ifound a XTR116 in lab at my work but XTR117 is not available so I will have to buy it. For my application, if I use XTR116 rather than XTR117 then do I miss out on anything do I need to keep anything else in mind when using XTR116 instead of your suggested XTR117 I have attached files that I found from one of the other questions on ti. com The XTR116 actually has more features than the XTR117, not less. The XTR116 includes everything that the XTR117 includes with the addition of a more precise reference voltage of 4. 096V. The XTR115 is a similar product with a 2. 5V precision reference. Both the XTR117 and XTR116 are fairly easy products to use and full applications diagrams are included in the datasheet. Figure 1 describes a...

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