4-Channel Thermocouple Input Arduino(TM) compatible Shields and Boards

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a complete Arduino Uno-compatible standalone system, and will be fully assembled, tested, and programmed before shipping. You may choose one of several TC4 applications to be pre-programmed into the board. If you would like to use the TC4 system, but do not wish to purchase an Arduino board and then install and learn the Arduino progamming

4-Channel Thermocouple Input Arduino(TM) compatible Shields and Boards
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IDE, then the TC4C might be a good choice. *(Please see note at the bottom of this table). TC4-SMD, plus all loose hardware required to complete the board. The soldering for the surface mount chips will be done for you, but you will have to solder the through hole components (pin headers, wire terminals, and reset button). Everything on the BOM is included. Fully assembled LCDAPTER-KIT, plus 16x2 LCD panel (white text on blue background w/white LED backlight), 3 LED`s, and 4 buttons. Also includes 6 inch (150mm) long 4-conductor I2C cable for connecting the LCDAPTER-COMPLETE to the I2C header that is included with every TC4 device. Options include tall keypad buttons for panel mounting, and female connector socket for piggyback mounting on TC4C board. Please let me know if you prefer either of these no-extra-cost alternative configurations. AC zero cross detector. Needed for various applications that require identification of times when AC voltage crosses zero. Designed for use on both nominal 120V and 240V mains.

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