4 transistor 500mw fm transmitter

As shown, the audio ascribe is a microphone, which uses 2 x 2N3904 as the microphone audio preamplifier. The audio/mic ascribe akin is adjustable by agency of a 5k preset / potentiometer. The ambit uses a Colpitts oscillator for abundance generation, which is chargeless active and operates at the axiological abundance i. e. no circuitous abundance

multiplication or control. The abundance affability basic of the ambit consists of 2 5pF (picoFarad) capacitors and a distinct 10uH (micro-Henry) inductor. These apparatus can be adapted if a change in abundance is appropriate - conceivably alike replaced with capricious capacitors (if you`re up to the challenge). An achievement RF amplifier takes the abundance produced by the Colpitts oscillator and amplifier to about about the 500mW (0. 5 Watt) ambit - so this is the almost achievement ability of this FM transmitter. You are brash that back this transmitter operates at the axiological frequency, and because there is no achievement filter, there is acceptable to be some abundance alluvion and harmonics/spurious emissions.

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