40 Watt Fluorescent Lamps Diagram Schematics

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a Circuits of fluorescent lamp with a power of 40 Watt - The ambit works abundant like the aboriginal Strobos. except that a beaming tube is used. Thus, the beaming tube zG ndbereit charcoal constant, the two electrodes of the tube are continuously agent Ta1 supplied with electricity. This accepted makes the two attrition affairs of the af

40 Watt Fluorescent Lamps Diagram Schematics
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terglow tube in, so the mercury evaporates into the tube and the electron discharge is simplified. Ta2 Returns on the rectifier D1-D4, the voltage of the multivibrator, the agitation abundance of the tube is amenable for. The acceleration of the AMV is with potentiometer P1 set. The beating afresh passes through R3 to T3, is amplified there and controls the bent for the triac, the administering of these alternates. If so, afresh the ambit through the tube and the balance closes and the tube can ablaze up. The pulses of T3 additionally access via the capacitor C3 to the aboideau of the thyristor Th1. Simultaneously with the closing of the ambit for the tube is Th1 -conductive and creates a abbreviate in the agitation braid accepted flow, which in about-face generates a aerial voltage on the secondary. This voltage of several thousand volts is now operational on anchorage J7 to a wire alfresco of the tube. The aerial voltage at the tube provides the all-important starting voltage so that it starts and can absolutely ablaze up until the thyristor Th1 locks again. The credibility J1 and J2 to affix with the two electrodes on one ancillary of the beaming tube. The credibility J3 and J4, affix with the electrodes on the added side. Now amplitude a attenuate insulated! Wire forth the tube and cement it eg. Scotch band firmly. This wire carries the agitation voltage of several thousand volts to the tube so that they burn properly....

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