40w no tune amp

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

To boost the output power of low power FM broadcast band exciters, a number of these are available commercially, both as kits and ready made. See How to be a Community Radio Station for links to reviews of some of the more popular exciters. Unwanted spurious RF radiation, resulting in interference to other users of the electromagnetic spectrum, th

40w no tune amp
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us risking a visit from the state, and consequent risk of equipment confiscation, fines, and possibly imprisonment. I believe the quality of the vast majority of schematics and designs for FM broadcast equipment available on the internet to be far from satisfactorily. See my advice on building from plans on the web. In particular the information available on VHF RF power amplifiers is even more desperate, for example designs using dinosaurs of devices such as the TP9380. This design is based on a new MOSFET device, with the attendant advantages of Seeing as most of the designs on the web are over 10 years old, using a recently introduced device should maximise the useful life of the design. I also use this design as a vehicle to demonstrate the amount of information required for a third party not equipped with mind-reading skills to successfully build this amplifier. The point is this: if a person is sufficiently skilled and experienced to build something from scanty design information, for instance just a schematic, they are just as able to build it from no information at all. Conversely, a person not at that skill and experience level will require detailed instructions to succeed. The amplifier design is based on the recently introduced (1998) Motorola MRF171A MOSFET ( MRF171A data sheet in PDF format). Do not confuse this with the older, now discontinued, MRF171 device. January 2002 - Motorola changes their RF power...

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