45 Years Anniversary of Walter Bruchs PAL Color Television

This article celebrates in 2008 the 45 Years of the invention of PAL as well as to give an appriciation to the german television pioneer Prof. Dr. Eng. Walter Bruch, known as Papa PAL, Mister PAL or even among us collegues PAL pal . This document was first composed in German for the German magazine Funkgeschichte (Wireless-History) No. 174 Octob

er/November 2007, written by Wolfgang Scheida and published by Gesellschaft der Freunde der Geschichte des Funkwesens Society of Friends of Wireless History.  Follow me now as we celebrate in 2008 the 45th anniversary of the invention of PAL and express our appreciation to German television pioneer Prof. Dr. Eng. Walter Bruch, known as Papa PAL,  Mister PAL,  or even among us colleagues as our PAL pal.  The 40th anniversary of PAL color television is a major event. The introduction of this color televisionstandard was a milestone for European technical innovation and economic influence a milestone that television historians want to celebrate one last time. Let`s go back now to the time when the West German foreign minister and vice chancellor Willy Brandt (the former major of Berlin) symbollicaly pushed the red start button at the International Radio Exhibition on August 25th, 1967 in the western part of divided Berlin. Initially, the world of colorized television looked quite simple. In postwar Europe, a saturation of the black and white television receiver market appeared likely to occur by the end of the 1960s especially in England. For this reason, efforts were begun from 1956 [1] onward to bring color to television screens in the old world.  The first steps toward this goal were already taken when a common 625 line television standard was adopted in countries like Great Britain and France. After a long period of...

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