5 volt ttl voltage monitor

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a simple device designed to control supply voltage +5 V Monitor provides information signals TTL level, accompanied by the LED display, indicating that stress or deviated from the nominal value, or vice versa, is in a box . The basis of the device is a low-current window comparator IC LTC1042 company Linear Technology. The reference vol

5 volt ttl voltage monitor
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tage is 2. 5 V ± 0. 005 V for the middle window  created by zener D1 and fed to pin 2 comparator. The width of this window  equal to 20% ( ± 10%) of the reference voltage established at pin 5 chip divider R4, R5. The controlled voltage is divided by two resistors R2 and R6, and fed to pin 3 of the chip. Voltage at the terminals 2 and 3 are compared with the established view of the deviation (10%, output 5). The green LED D2 is illuminated when the voltage is within the desired range. If the voltage is out of range, red LED D3.

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