5000W ultra-light high-power amplifier without switching-mode power supply

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This circuit is of an 2x 2, 500W RMS stereo amplifier, super-light and without switching-mode power supply. The circuit just shows a channel, and the power supply that it assists to the two channels. The audio circuit should be duplicated, but the power supply assists to the two channels without problems. A special care should be destined to the in

5000W ultra-light high-power amplifier without switching-mode power supply
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sulating transformer of the audio line, that should be of audio-high-quality, of the type used in microphone pre amps input line. The whole group (2 channels) of 5, 000W RMS it should not weigh more than 32 lbs, already inside of an appropriate metallic box. This circuit is exclusively for amateur use. It contains not-isolated parts of the electric AC net and it can be very dangerous. The connections for the speakers are not isolated of the domestic AC net and it requests extra care. This procedure seeks to substitute a conventional power supply with great weight and cost reduction, without necessarily to use a switching-mode power supply. This procedure cannot be allowed in some countries for commercial-use. The author doesn`t have any responsibility for the form as that circuit it will be applied.

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