51 one-chip computer ADC0804 analog to digital converter studies

It is ADC0804 to be left-handed, it is 74HC573 latch to be right hand, the latch connected the one-chip computer and has not drawn at the same time. The pin CSAD of ADC0804 is a chip selection pin because acted as effectively by the low level Hand over 0 hour, we can choose it to work. RD is that the low level is effective too, it is the read sign

al one, WR is that the low level is effective too, can start A/D to begin to be changed when giving 0. INTR is changed and formed One bunch of pins, it is that the low level is effective too, when INTR is 0, represent the end of conversion. DB0-DB7 is a digital signal output port after changing. AGND and DGND are earthy. CLK R and CLK IN namely 19 and 4 pins Used for, it gives ADC0804 to be pulsing to produce the internal clock Have connected a RC oscillating circuit 6, and 7 port input end of analog signal such as we slip potentiometer on This following procedure carries on the analog to digital converter with the one piece mechanically controlled ADC0804, acts as and twists the potentiometer a slide rheostat on the breadboard When, the digital quantity after the dynamic display A/D in decimal system way of the top three of the nixie tube is changed. The code is as follows:

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