5474 tips

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The Aristo ART-5474 Accessory Panel is a complete receiver intended to control accessories through the use of the A through E buttons on the Train Engineer transmitter. As the 5474 comes, it will control two turnouts, one constant load such as lights, and trigger two low current devices as the bell and whistle of many sound systems.

5474 tips
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Sometime in the future, there is also an ART-5475 receiver that is essentially identical, except that it is wired to control turnouts on all five outputs. Note that the current (through 1999) version of the ART-5474 DOES NOT have a scanning receiver so that it will work with the 10 channel Train Engineer ONLY on frequency #1. The unit is 4-1/4"" long by 2" wide by 7/8" high. The power connector extends from one end and needs an additional 1-3/4" of clearance to allow the connector to be removed. The screw type output terminals accept stripped wires and are arranged on the other end of the unit. A red LED on the top of the unit indicates power. A green LED indicates that the receiver is receiving a command. A push button allows the address code to be set. The unit does have some operational and usage limitations which are not revealed in the instruction sheet that comes with the unit. The main one is that the power input and the A, B and C outputs are NOT ISOLATED from each other. This means that you CANNOT cross connect wires between these terminals on any individual 5474 or between 5474`s. The D and E outputs are isolated with optical isolators and can be cross connected. The output current capability of all of the outputs is limited. The turnout control outputs ("A" and "B") source a pulse of power but will only drive one turnout motor reliably. Some people have driven two, but then others have had their 5474`s fail under...

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