555 Timer LED Flasher Circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

All of the parts in this list are generally available through Radioshack for less than $20. I highly recommend using breadboard! You`re bound to make mistakes your first time and soldering it will only make your fail worse (double fail ). I`ve compiled this tutorial into two `methods`, one is the classic schematic and the other is a step by step g

555 Timer LED Flasher Circuit
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uide. Also, if you`re new to electronics read through this post before you make the circuit. - 6-15V (AA, or correct PSU)* - 2 1K ohm resistors - 1 100 ohm resistor - 1. 01uF capacitor - 1 470uF capacitor (variable) - 1 10K ohm potentiometer (optional) - 1 555 IC Linear Timer - X LEDs (it`s up to you, IR <=6) - 22-26g wire - pc board (breadboard for testing) - solder & iron - project box (optional) - switch (goes before circuit on + wire) *If you go less than 12v and you intend to use this in your car you need to compensate for the extra voltage that will be going to the circuit. Oh, I got a genius idea. To make an old CD-rom drive spinner motor work, you have to fire all the wires in series around the motor. So, what you could do is take a 555 and a decade counter and make an LED sequencer circuit. Then instead of wiring it to LED`s, wire it to each terminal on the CD-rom motor. I would be sure to use the POT to adjust the pulse rate, thus motor speed. This is only a theory, but if one of you try it, post results. I may try it myself.

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