555 timer Electronic roulette wheel circuit and explanation

This electronic circuit is a simple version of an electronic roulette game and is based on the 4017 IC which is a 10 stage decade counter/divider. It is driven by another versatile IC 555 configured as a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). The 555 timer is connected as an astable multivibrator. When the S1 switch is pressed, the capacitor C3 get

s charged, also at this point of time a constant stable clock is fed to the 4017 IC and the LEDs at its outputs light up in a cyclic manner producing a revolving effect. Adjusting the VR1 (variable resistor ) the speed of revolving effect can be varied. When the S1 switch is released, the main supply is cut-OFF, C3 discharges and forces the freely running astable to gradually stretch and slow down the time period of its output pulses so that eventually the oscillations stop within a stipulated time. In response to these dying pulses the rotation  of the LEDs connected to the output of IC 4017 also slow down gradually and stops to select a random score marked on the board.

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