583 circuitsmiths electric power assist bicycle

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I went with electric because it`s quieter, not smelly and I can carry it up a flight of stairs. I chose the conversion kit made by Currie. Factory service is nonexistent, but EVdeals is a good, knowledgeable dealer. The motor delivers more than ½ horsepower (600W), which is plenty for a bike. Assistance is limited to about 20mph, but there is lots of midrange torque. The rear wheel is driven through an

583 circuitsmiths electric power assist bicycle
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adapter which mates with the rear hub. I had to modify the system from the start because it was not designed to work with the fat frame tubes of my aluminum Cannondale touring bike. The kit is really geared toward steel frame mountain and hybrid bikes. I had to grind notches into the drive plate that holds the motor, gears and chain. I had to modify the battery mount. I added a voltmeter that indicates half the actual voltage (to gain a significant digit). I had to mount the throttle upside-down on the drop handle bars. Finally, I made a heat sink out of a 5x7" sheet of 1/16" aluminum. The stock setup is considered prone to overheating. I loosely bolted the propulsion unit to the rear wheel of my Cannondale T-400 touring bike and tried to install it on the frame. All the frame tubes are larger, being aluminum. So the propulsion unit went against the chain stays. I ground a couple of notches into the propulsion unit to make clearance. It still touches the chain stays and I hope it won`t be a problem. The hose clamp for the torque arm barely made it around the fat chain stay. I mounted the throttle upside down on the top of my drop handlebars. I used some black duct tape to cover the openings. I work the throttle by pulling it up with my index and middle finger. It`s quite comfortable. The battery mounting scheme wouldn`t fit in the frame triangle, again because of the fat frame tubes. So I opened up the battery box and...

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