58mhz jammer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Many companies online claim that they are making a shield/jammer for rfid and since Rf is like RFID and it gives off a frequency of 58khz it should be easy to jam It is against the law to jam radio communications. Maybe if you are in the middle of a huge desert then nobody will be jammed and it won`t matter. But I don`t think your very simple 555 oscillator will jam anything,

58mhz jammer
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especially since its frequency is far too low and it does not have an antenna. Such a cool gadget! If you could jam an RFID reader, then you could walk out of the library, without checking anything out or worry about late fees. You could wheel out the biggest TV at Walmart, without paying the insane prices, right past the registers, and the old man guarding/greeting at the door. Probably a few mischievous things one could do with such a device. Guess you can`t find a circuit or kit on the web, because some people wouldn`t like having to come up with a new security scheme. I don`t really see the fda or who ever it is in charge of radio coms kicking up a fuss over jamming on your own property when the signal does not go very far at all. You`re saying that the keyfobs are quite bulky yet you`d be quite happy walking around with a homebuilt jammer which is going to be at least 10x the volume of your rfid tag to stop people reading your RFID tag. I guess i came to the wrong place. As i said i wanted to build one i dont know how. If they bring them out for sale online then i will buy one but since they dont i wanted to build one. i know that there are plans for a 35mhz online its just a matter of getting the frequency right but if i cant find help then i will just keep searching until i do. wats the difference between this and a photo radar detector, the guys who made radar turned around and sold detectors, lets not forget...

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