6 Battery Tesla Switch Circuit Mosfet Solid Stat

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The South Africa company, which has developed the 5 kilowatt Fuel Free Generator, has discovered that the batteries` longevity is significantly effected by the process. As far as the choice of batteries to test is concerned, there are many different lead acid batteries, Gel Cells, Car Batteries, 2 volt batteries, 6 volt, 12 volt also NiMH or other

6 Battery Tesla Switch Circuit Mosfet Solid Stat
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types of home made battery. If the batteries stay charged while you are discharging 30 amps through the load, & each of the 6 batteries only receives 10 amps charging current, where does the 20 amps free energy come from. - To achieve a maximum switching speed of 2857 Hz, the opto isolator has to be driven harder to make sure that the gate turn off voltage falls below + 2 volts. There is a 470K variable resistor in the 555 astable circuit which can be used to adjust the frequency to some extent but its main purpose is to maintain a 50 % duty cycle. The square wave cycle time is 350 micro seconds, the mosfet on time will be ( 175 micro seconds - a dead time of 40 micro seconds ) = 135 micro seconds of on time. If you want to eliminate the reduced power output issue, you have to increase the load current to take into consideration 1/4375 of the mosfet on time has been lost. The output voltage from the tesla switch cannot be guaranteed due to the need to reduce the switching frequency considerably when the batteries become charged, thus the dead time will be removed periodically. Lowering the power consumption of the drive circuits means that smaller batteries can used to build portable free energy devices & there is less instability & stress on the toroid which is used to create the isolated 12 volt supplies. Thats the switching part of the circuit designed & tested, now the construction begins. - This is a big project & has...

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