6 Transistor Tildens H-Bridge

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This diagram is certainly the 6 transistor Tilden H-bridge circuit; while not as old as the original basic H-bridge,  this goes way back,  and will be the basis for a lot of BEAM driver circuits. I did a few revised drawings for Ian quite a while back, so he could place them up at beam-online. However, they did not get posted inside the midst

6 Transistor Tildens H-Bridge
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of the a lot of revisions he was doing. Attached (begging Ian`s indulgence), will be the two versions of the circuit, one which turns on having a Positive input, the other (for quadcores) having a Negative input. Ian shows 100k input resistors. I`ve been applying 47k resistors with success. Tilden`s report recommends nothing lower than 50k (I assumed 47k was near enough) and up to 20 Meg or so. The following diagram is 16W audio amplifier circuit. The circuit built based 2 pieces of power IC LM383 in bridge connection, so this amplifier is an bridge amplifier. This is an old amplifier, LM383 is discontinued, so this LM383 might be difficult to find. You can use ECG1232, TDA2002 or TDA2003 as the replace for. Parts List: R1-2-4-5=270 © R3 = 2. 7 © VR1 = 10K © Log. Pot. TR1 = 470K © Trimmer IC1-2 = LM388 C1 = 100uF/25V C2 = 100nF C3 = 10uF/25V C4-5 = 22uF/25V C6 = 47nF This is the 4W bridge amplifier circuit design based on power IC LM388 as the main component. Currently there are 2 chips. Here`s a circuit diagram of an amplifier that has four input channels and four output channels or commonly called the quad amplifier. Power amplifier is designed specifically for car audio system applications. With a fairly large output power per channel, low distortion and low output noise features; amplifier is suitable for your car simple amplifier. This is a simple bridge amplifier based on TDA7240A. This circuit is designed for car...

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