6V Gel Cell Battery Charger

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This circuit requires a regulated 10V-DC front end capable of supplying 2 Amps. Begins the charge period at 240mA and at full charge switches automatically to a float condition (trickle charge) of 12mA. The capacitors should be the ceramic 50V (or greater) model. Switching transistor T1 is an NPN, Si-Power Output/SW, with a TO-220 case and can be

6V Gel Cell Battery Charger
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changed by using a appropriate substitute such as the NTE291, ECG291, etc. Timer/Oscillator U1 is a 8-pin NE555V and can be changed with a NTE955M or ECG955M. Resistors R4, R5, R6, and R7 are 1% metal film types. They may not be obtainable at your nearby Radio Shack/Tandy retailer and need to be ordered in. Try Electro-Sonic or Newark Electronics supply stores. Tags: 6V Gel Cell Charger circuit, 6V Gel Cell Charger diagram, Gel Cell Battery, Gel Cell Battery Charger, Gel Cell Battery Charger circuit, Gel Cell Battery Charger schematic, Gel Cell Charger, Gel Cell charger circuit, Gel Cell charger diagram, Gel Cell charger schematic, This is the schematic diagram of solar powered mobile phone battery charger. The circuit is designed to charge the battery from a source with a lower voltage. Do not use it to charge the battery with the same or lower voltage than the voltage which is generated by the solar panel. For proper operation of. This battery charger circuit is regulated and adjustable to make this circuit able to charge the mosto NiCAD battery. This circuit will work for single cell or multi battery cell which connected with series/parallel connection. The maximum voltage of the batteries should be 18V maximum. Power transistors Q1 and Q2 are connected as series regulators. This is the diagram of Automatic 9V Battery Charger circuit. The circuit designed by Jan Hamer, translated by Tony Van Roon dan republished in this...

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