74121 IC Description TTL Monostable Multivibrator IC

The 74L121 and 74L122 ICs pin out diagram works any any style 74xx121 or 74xx122 DIP chip, but the timing graphs are only valid for the TTL families indicated. The 74121 shown above provides a single Monostable Multivibrator function. While the 74122 shown below provides a retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator function with clear. A Monostable M

ultivibrator is also called a One Shot. An external timing capacitor may be connected between Cext and Rext/Cext. For accurate repeatable pulse widths connect an external resistor between Rext/Cext and Vcc leaving Rint open [unconnected]. To obtain variable pulse widths connect a variable resistance between Rint or Rext/Cext and Vcc. The first chart works for either the 74L121 or 74L122; however, the second chart only applies to the 74L121. Use this link 74121 / 74122 Pulse Width Charts to find enlarged versions of the two charts above and an external timing capacitor chart for the 74122.

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