74HC240 produces and seeks all robot

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This text give reader it introduces another that Is produces to be central to seek the smooth robot as top management by 74HC240, still carry out low technology, low-cost making idea, enjoy together with everybody. The threshold voltage of the Schmitt trigger has determined the set value of the system, the characteristic of the Schmitt trigger has

74HC240 produces and seeks all robot
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just determined the characteristic of this system. So it is necessary to know the characteristic of this device thoroughly. The Schmitt trigger was invented in 1934 by the American scientist Otto Herbert Schmitt, he was only a graduate student at that time. In thing the next three years, he describes as this invention  Thermionic Trigger  in its thesis for the Doctorate. This invention is the direct achievement that he carries on research to the neural pulse propagation in squid`s nerve. In electronics, the Schmitt trigger includes the regenerative comparator circuitry. The Schmitt trigger has two stable conditions too, but the one different from general flip-flop is, the Schmitt trigger adopts the electric potential to touch off the way, its state is kept by the electric potential of the input signal; As to the negative-going input signal of decreasing progressively and which increase progressively two kinds of different change directions forward, the Schmitt trigger has different threshold voltage. The Schmitt trigger is a kind of special gate network, different from ordinary gate network, the Schmitt trigger has two pieces of threshold voltage, are called positively threshold voltage and negative-going threshold voltage separately. Make the input voltage that the circuit state changes called the positively threshold voltage while the input signal rises to the high level from the low level, make the input voltage that...

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